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Optimize your business with scalable and functionally rich software solutions. These applications will give you the reliability and edge you need to stay ahead of your competitors.

Our years of experience in supplying computer systems have shown that a solution can only be successful, if it is given the highest level of software support and hardware maintenance as this helps to assure our customers that their systems will always be available.

Comprehensive and robust portfolio of network security products that deliver up-to-the-minute protection to networks of all sizes.Award winning and purpose-built solutions that protect enterprise, carrier and data center environments from current and emerging threats.



The need to effectively manage increasing volumes of information with less time and fewer resources represents a major challenge for many companies today. The cost efficient solution to this is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, where you can integrate all your management processes into a single, coherent information system.

Sage ERP X3 system organizes all internal flows while monitoring exchanges with your external partners, including your customers, suppliers and subcontractors. It combines all the advantages of an ERP performance while maintaining simplicity, flexibility and scalability in a fully integrated, cost effective end-to-end solution. This translates to unequalled speed, visibility and enablement throughout your organization.

SAGE ERP X3 integrates all company management, optimizes your resources, secures all transactions, improves quality while reducing risk. It enhances collaboration and improves business insight through the following modules: Finance Manufacturing Inventory Purchasing Sales Alliances CRM Retail


With ever-increasing supplier choice and greater demands for service, staying close to your customers is the secret to your business success.

Sage ERP 1000 can help you understand your customers. It creates a more concise, accurate and complete view of how your customers interact with your business. It supports the most sophisticated requirements and is exceptionally flexible, with a huge library of modules and projects which allow different ways of operating business processes.

Sage ERP 1000 is easily deployed and accessed via LAN, WAN or Internet, facilitated by a thin client server-based architecture. The strong integration tools allow you to adapt to other business systems and IT infrastructures. It has powerful reporting tools that make reports flexible, precise and exportable.

If you run a mid-size or larger operation, Sage ERP 1000 will give you the reliability, scalability, and international coverage you need to stay ahead of your global competitors.

A tried and tested Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application, Sage ERP 1000 has huge depth and breadth of functionality, with the flexibility to be configured and deployed to suit exactly the way your organisation works.

Whether you operate in manufacturing, distribution, finance or business services, Sage ERP 1000 provides the enterprise-wide business information and firm management control you need to balance increased profitability with delivering consistently high service levels.



To grow, you need to compete. To compete you need to be intelligent.
Sage 300 ERP provides  you with business intelligence tools that allows you to spend less time on the small details and more time on the big picture that will make a your organization more competitive.

Sage 300 ERP is a world class software product, which has the tools and flexibility to successfully accelerate you business expansion. it supports different languages and multicurrency transactions and hence allows you to confidently conduct business with suppliers and customers all over the globe.

Sage 300 ERP is a world class and advanced application built on multi-tiered, object-oriented architecture. Designed for small and medium enterprise (SME) market, it can be deployed either as a web-based or desktop application. Sage 300 ERP let you choose the solution and configuration that work best for you.

Sage 300 ERP gives you a complete access to your accounting system through a standard web browser, without location barrier, it is easy to use and customize, with intuitive wizard and a familiar interface that makes configuration and navigation a breeze. It gives total investment protection you need to move quickly and easily from one version to the next.

Synergy Systems HRplus

Synergy Systems HRplus is a comprehensive, robust, innovatively-crafted, affordable and user friendly Human Capital Management software solution.     
The software is a fully integrated, modular, multi-functional Human Resource Information Management System that facilitates easy and efficient management of HR functions across a network environment irrespective of organisation size, structure or specific requirements.
It accommodates full spectrum of requirements, from predefined, standard sets of transactions for less complicated Payrolls, to more powerful and customizable features. Integrates with Personnel, Payroll & Pension  Highly flexible Web-enabled Runs on browsers Paperless - ePayslip, etc…
    User friendly Customizable solution Recruitment Recruitment Career development Training Discipline Loan Management Asset Management Self Service, etc…
    Compliant with Pension Act of 2004 National Housing Fund (NHF) Tax Runs on SQL Server, Oracle, e.t.c Unlimited Database Storage Capacity Unlimited number of users Parameter-driven Integrates with Oracle Financials, SAP, Sage... Multiple Report Format Compatible with Windows and Third Party Tools (Clocking Machine, Biometrics etc…) Multiple Company Audit Trail Daily Captured Records High level of security Various Levels of Authorisation and Administrative Rights Navigational Tools, Pop-up windows, Drop- downs Approvals/Routing Customised Report Header Customised Report Header Hands on user/technical training Pre-implementation and Post-implementation Comprehensive and easy to read user manual Customised Reports available at implementation Various Standard Reports Various Levels of Authorisation and Administrative Rights High level of security Various Standard Reports Customised Reports available at implementation
    Navigational Tools, Pop-up windows, Drop- downs Approvals/Routing Comprehensive and easy to read user manual
    Pre implementation and Post implementation hands on user/technical training
    eRecruitment (start to finish) / Feedback Comprehensive Bio- data eAppraisal / Feedback Promotion Training/Feedback, Training material upload Discipline Loans/Loan guarantor/Approvals/Feedback
  Leave (Study, Maternity, Sick, Annual etc…)
  PERSONNEL eRecruitment (start to finish) / Feedback Comprehensive Bio-data eAppraisal / Feedback Promotion Training/Feedback, Training material upload Discipline Loans/Loan guarantor/Approvals/Feedback Leave (Study, Maternity, Sick, Annual etc…)
    Termination/Suspension/Resignation/ Re-instatement Retirement Assets Tracking File Manager Job Movement Employee Transfer File Tracking Checklist


  PAYROLL Individual Transactions Special Transactions Group Transactions Overtime Prorate Timeless Run of the Payroll Calculation Additional Payroll Processing Individualized Payroll Processing Grade/Step Payroll Processing Salary Advance/Approval Multiple Transaction Codes Multiple Run Types: Mid-month, Special, Month-end  Calculations, e.t.c 13th Month Payroll Processing Payroll year-to-date Archiving Grade/Step, Staff Group, e.t.c Payroll Processing Payroll Journal Generation


   PENSION Contributory Pension Scheme Pension Fund Administrators (PFA)



Protect your business-critical data in databases
With DBShadow® deleted, damaged, changed or completely lost data from your database is available within minutes, with the most recent, consistent set of data, without the need for restore procedures of backup media - easy to use and cost-effective.
The recovery process of a database after a severe failure or a downtime often is combined with an exceeding several-hours- or several-days-long effort. And it is not always guaranteed that you are able to restore a consistent set of data of the recent past.
With DBShadow you will be prepared for every case of emergency, because your database is mirrored with time-delay - fully automated.
DBShadow provides:

Best possible protection from the consequences of all types of errors: hardware failures and logical failures (e.g. software and human error, faulty batch jobs, sabotage) as well as disasters (e.g. fire, flood, power blackout)

Continuous and consistent backup of your databases

Automated failover processes

Amazingly fast error recovery after failover to the mirror system. Continue to work with the most recent, consistent set of data after a corruption.

Absolute distance independency between production and mirror system due to TCP/IP mirroring with minimum bandwidth requirement.

Usability of the mirror systems for additional purposes (e.g. creation of database copies, backups, reportings) without any impact on the production systems during normal operations

Expedient hardware exploitation of mirror systems during normal operation in different, additional function (e.g. DEV or QS systems, additional application server for load balancing)

Extremely easy operation via a graphical user interface (GUI). Specific administration know-how is not required.

Hardware independence


Simple, scalable, and feature-rich, SysAid helps you quickly and securely resolve your IT issues. You can even take SysAid with you on the go, because we provide free mobile apps for all your devices.

Specially built to streamline your help desk and asset management processes, SysAid gives you all the tools you need in one comprehensive solution to meet any IT challenge. Automate your service desk Control your hardware /software management Implement effective systems monitoring Provide self-service capabilities for end users

CORE MODULES Help Desk - Automate the handling of service requests to work faster and more efficiently. Asset Management - Track your inventory, optimize your resources, and invest your time and money more wisely. Remote Control - Securely resolve user problems from anywhere, with absolutely zero configurations necessary. End-User Portal - Provide your end users with 100% support availability with an intuitive web portal for submitting service requests, tracking history, finding self-serve solutions, and more. Knowledge Base - Find solutions in a database of common service requests and their resolutions; dependable time-saver for both you and your end users! Mobile Application - Manage your help desk and assets, on the go, from your iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, or Windows Phone 7. Reports & Analysis - Pull detailed reports about your assets, help desk workload, satisfaction levels, and service quality to analyze your inventory and performance. IT Benchmark - Gain a global perspective on your IT department’s performance with your IT data automatically being converted to comparative stats and ratios.
  • Online Chat - Communicate with your end users through a live chat tool that's fully integrated with your help desk and asset management tools. Calendar & Scheduling - Stay on top of your IT assignments and deadlines in one place, with a fully-integrated calendar and scheduling tool.
  • My Desktop - Connect to your desktop remotely, from any device with an Internet connection, including all your mobile devices

eScan Internet  Security Suite

Anti Virus & Content Security
eScan Internet Security Suite provides you with the best possible protection against malware and other threats that lurk over the internet.

It also protects your computer from all types of information threats, prevents data loss and you from the risks associated with using the internet.

In addition to protecting your personal data, identity, and network, it provides you with a secure and seamless online experience while you make purchase from web site, perform online banking transactions, or browse web pages.

Some Enhanced Features in eScan, are as follows: Anti-virus Virtual Keyboard Anti-phishing Gaming Mode Anti-Spyware Folder & Files Security Anti-Root kit Anti-Spam Network Traffic Monitor USB Control Firewall Privacy Protection Web Protection Identity Theft Prevention. Real-Time Virus & Content Scanning Heuristic Scanning for Proactive Protection User-defined File Blocking & Folder Protection Endpoint Security Firewall Automatic Download of Critical Microsoft Patches Logs and Extensive Reports.



Real Asset Management’s (RAM) market leading Series4000 range integrates virtually every aspect of fixed asset management. The suite consists of 13 comprehensive modules and incorporates depreciation, federal and state tax, asset budgeting and forecasting, lessee asset accounting, capital project control, document management, inventory control, asset tracking, helpdesk support and maintenance management
There is a fundamental requirement in the business world for a fusion between business, financial, operational and information technology skills in order to facilitate the implementation of key business objectives that have been set out by a company. The alignment of the information technology strategy and the implementation of a business management software solution that delivers on those key business objectives that were set out is therefore our key success factor.
This has provided us with the opportunity to be able to bring to the market this highly sought after business requirement;
Asset4000 and Track4000
Track4000 from Real Asset Management (RAM) is a complete Fixed Assets & Inventory Tracking software that enables users to conduct comprehensive, cost-effective physical audits. Barcode labels, attached to fixed assets and inventory items, and handheld scanning devices are required to conduct the physical audit. The process is quick and easy; users simply download the fixed asset or inventory register to the fixed asset tracking system (stored on the handheld scanner), perform the physical audit, then upload the audit results back into the fixed asset or non-capitalized asset register. The interactive display on the handheld scanner is used throughout the audit process, providing users with the latest fixed asset tracking technology. Track4000 helps effectively manage various groups of dispersed assets, even those distributed globally, a process difficult to achieve using traditional, manual asset tracking methods.

 Other Modules include: Lease4000 Forecast4000 Maintenance4000 Workflow4000 Project4000 Dolphin 4000 Scanner RFID4000 Document4000


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